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Biz4Solutions is a one-stop solution for leveraging new-age healthcare software services. It is a top-tier healthcare Mobile app development company that delivers efficient mobility solutions to clients around the world. Right from effective patient treatment, clinical management of resources, boosting patient safety, to flexible patient engagement, team Biz4Solutions designs all kinds of solutions. Our HIPAA compliant services improve health outcomes and ensure lower operational costs.

Since the year 2011, we are helping myriad healthcare organizations, clinicians, and medical practitioners with technology-enabled medical services created exclusively by our expert healthcare app developers. Our forward-thinking digital health strategies are shaped using high-end technologies like IoT, Cloud based services, ML, AI, Blockchain, etc. Through our managed IT services for healthcare, we have overcome several traditional traits and changed the face of this domain altogether.

Our HIPAA compliant Healthcare solutions have also proved quite helpful during these difficult times of pandemic. These have enabled online patient monitoring, swift management of resources, etc. while managing surged volumes of patients.

Enterprise mobility solutions have proved remarkable for medical organizations as well as patients. These healthcare IT solutions have led to a paradigm shift by successfully changing the way this industry worked.

We develop innovative HIPAA compliant healthcare app development solutions using which the healthcare providers can treat their patients beyond the boundaries of the clinic, and patients too can leverage these services for better health results. Let’s take a closer look at the benefits of these telemedicine solutions that we have offered to our various clients.

Top Benefits for Physicians, Staff Members, and other Healthcare Providers:

1 Seamless Communication and Better Interconnection of the Staff
2 Reduced Bottlenecks in Regular Tasks
3 Collection of Vital Health Data and Insights
4 Remote and Passive Care Possible
5 Promoting Faster and Right Decision-making
6 Ability to Manage Patients in a Better Way
7 Improved Accuracy in Diagnostics and Care Delivery
8 Better Convenience and Accessibility
9 Reduced Administration Time for Healthcare Providers

Our Core Healthcare App Development Solutions

Biz4Solutions is a highly competent Healthcare app development company that excels in architecting customized healthcare solutions for medical facilities and other stakeholders of the Healthcare sector.

Our proficient healthcare app developers craft software solutions that improve transparency, boost productivity, reduce operational costs, and save time for healthcare professionals.

HIPAA Compliance for All Healthcare App Solutions
  • Security and Privacy of Medical Information in Apps
  • Administrative simplification
  • Portability of Insurance
  • Regular Auditing and Reduced Overall Errors
Customized IoT Healthcare Solutions
  • Disease Management
  • Remote Patient Monitoring
  • Real-time Medical Data Collection, Storage, and Analysis
  • Mobile-optimized Care
Various mHealth Applications
  • Appointment Scheduling Apps
  • Wellness Apps
  • mPrescription Apps
  • mHealth Connectivity and Consultation Apps
EHR and EMR Services
  • Access to vitals, medical history records
  • Interactive Patient Portals
  • Streamlined interoperability
  • Smarter coordination for patient care

Our Rich Portfolio of Healthcare Mobile App Development Projects:

As a world-class healthcare software development company, Biz4Solutions has shaped numerous healthcare business intelligence solutions, real-time interactive solutions, video-based telehealth solutions, and similar transformative solutions for catering to global clients. Do take a glimpse at these projects mentioned below.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I require a mobile healthcare app? What are its benefits?

Going digital is the need of the hour. You, as a doctor, or medical practitioner, or healthcare provider, can use an advanced healthcare app for connecting with the patients, automating appointment scheduling, managing your healthcare facilities, sending alerts to staff and patients, improving patient experience, etc. Ultimately, a healthcare app would transform your medical organization yielding better profits.

Healthcare digitalization is the need of the hour. You, as a doctor, medical practitioner, or healthcare provider, can use an advanced healthcare app for connecting with patients, automating appointment scheduling, managing your healthcare facility, sending notifications or alerts to your patients or medical staff, reducing operational glitches, improving patient experiences/outcomes, etc. Ultimately a healthcare solution will transform your healthcare organization yielding better profits.

What features will be included in my healthcare application?

Depending on your requirement, we can integrate various features into your medical app. Some of the top features that can be included can be media uploading, profile creation, advanced search filters to search heathcare providers at various locations, appointment scheduling, payment integration, in-app messaging, file storage, geo-location integration, audio/video calling, ratings, and reviews, etc.

We will integrate various useful features into your healthcare solution as per your requirements. Some of the key features that we can provide you are profile creation, appointment scheduling, in-app messaging, audio-video calling, media uploading, advanced search filters allowing patients to search for healthcare providers at different locations, file storage, geo-location integration, payment gateway integration, customer ratings, and reviews, etc.

Does my application needs to adhere to any rules and regulations?

It is of utmost importance to protect the sensitive personal health information of patients from breaches, and leaks. So, the medical apps in the US must adhere to HIPAA rules and regulations to safeguard the data and refrain from any violations and regulatory fines.

If your app stores personal sensitive information of user, then it is mandatory to make your healthcare app HIPAA compliant especially in countries like USA as any incidences of leaks and breaches are penalised by the federal government and this penalty can cost you a fortune. Every country has its own set of compliant policies that you need to adhere to.

What is the most challenging part while creating a comprehensive app?

As such, meeting all the standard regulations in HIPAA is one of the challenging tasks after the completion of the app. These rules sometimes affect the app design and development procedures as well.

Adhering to the standard regulations of HIPAA is one of the most challenging tasks after the app’s deployment. These rules sometimes affect the app’s design and the healthcare software development process as well.

What is the approximate cost of creating a telemedicine app?

Again, the cost of developing a medical app is dependent on your requirement. Simple applications with fewer features may cost approximately $15,000 – $25,000. However, a complex app with high-end features may cost above $25,000. For a detailed estimate,please connect with our team.

The cost of developing a telemedicine app depends on your requirement and the complexity of the features involved. The cost range of developing simple healthcare solutions with fewer features is approximately$15,000-$25,000. However, a complex app with high-end features may cost more than $ 25,000. Please connect with us to get a detailed healthcare app development estimate as per your specific requirements


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